Mr Aidan Courtney

Aidan Courtney May21.JPG

NED and Chairman

Mr Courney is the NED and chairman of VascVersa. He has over 20 years’ experience of establishing and building companies in life science and other technology sectors.   He co-founded and was CEO of Roslin Cells, a provider of stem cells and developer of new cell therapies in 2006.  Established to support the research and technology translation needs of public sector stakeholders, by 2015 the company had grown to employ 70 staff with leading positions in two major areas: cell therapy manufacturing and drug discovery services. 

From 2013, he led the creation of the EBiSC consortium of 28 commercial and academic research partners across nine EU countries to create the European repository for induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. In 2016, he co-ordinated the restructuring of Roslin Cells to create two separate spin-out businesses and subsequently became CEO of Censo Biotechnologies which focuses on using stem cells for drug discovery.   He currently holds non-executive, executive and advisory positions in several early stage technology companies.


Mr Courtney is a qualified chartered accountant and has an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a Masters degree in Innovation Technology Law from the University of Edinburgh.